Brenda Guyton






Shrewd Lady
Collage on canvas board

Collage on gallery
wrapped canvas

Savage Wisdom
Mixed media on
watercolor paper


Fashionable Lady
Mixed media on canvas board

Acrylic on watercolor paper


Earth Dreams
Mixed media on gallery wrapped canvas


The Pink Butterfly
Mixed Media on watercolor paper


Maasai Warrior
Acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas


Acrylic on watercolor paper



Samantha Replayed
Acrylic on watercolor paper

Kiss Me
Acrylic gallery wrapped canvas


Mixed media on gallery wrapped canvas

Backseat Driver
Acrylic on watercolor paper


Artist Biography


Welcome to my site.  I am a native Texan from Odessa.  As a tomboy I spent way too much time sitting on the hardscrabble ground watching the horned toads and beetle bugs.  But when I was stuck indoors, I usually had a crayon or pencil in my hand.


Later I earned a degree in accounting, but I also acquired as many credits in fine art as in financial courses.  My family and I moved to Dallas in 1985.


My artwork has moved progressively from oil painting to found-object sculpture (where I specialized in creating life size animals from computer parts), to acrylic painting and collage.  I have been fortunate enough to win local show awards for my work, but my greatest enjoyment is simply playing around in my studio.


Exploring different techniques and mediums is exciting and great fun (and sometimes frustrating - but still fun).  Every day is an opportunity to say “Let’s try this!”


I live with my husband Tom, and our three Maine Coon cats.  Having recently retired from my full-time financial officer career, I now have even more time to pursue my art!






Brenda Guyton

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